Police officers off the hook

Posted May 12, 2007 by tablets
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Eleven police officers involved in the shooting Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes will not even face disciplinary action, the police watchdog has decided. They were among 15 Metropolitan Police officers questioned by the «Independent Police Complaints Commission» (IPCC). Decisions have yet to made four most senior officers investigated.

The family of Mr. Menezes – shot eight times at Stockwell Tube Station after being «mistaken» for a suicide bomber – said the decision was «disgraceful». They have been fighting to have the officers indicted since Jean Charles was killed.


What truly happened 9/11 2001 – a modest exposure

Posted September 11, 2006 by tablets
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Five years of continued deceit, escalating tyranny, and an ever more gullible general population. And the commentators, the oracles of this world of illusion and veiled horrors, are as clueless as the general population, hardly asking any hard questions concerning the Swiss cheese official version. Both brands of people described are almost as guilty as the perpetrators, allowing the true criminals to get away with it, and even prosper in this insane brave new old world.

The morning of 9/11 2001 the World Trade Center in New York and one wall of the Pentagon military complex in Washington DC was rocked by massive explosions. The twin towers were reduced to dust by sets of explosions very similar to a controlled demolition. A rocket blew up one wall of the Pentagon. Both disastrous events were set in motion by the United States’ president George W. Bush, his administration and the forces in the shadows behind them.

A cadre of politicians, military men and representatives of private enterprise had planned it all years in advance. They felt strongly that in order for them and their equals to stay in power, to retain their influence, to remain the power behind the power, in the United States and the world, they needed to stage a Pearl Harbor like event, one designed to make it easier to implement unpopular and even more oppressive legislation.

And they were successful, successful beyond expectation. Five years on none of the conspirators have been charged with anything in a court or law, or even been brought in for questioning by any investigative power. On the contrary, they have strengthened their stronghold on power, exactly like they set out to do.

Where their insane dreams will eventually lead is anyone’s guess, but it won’t be pretty.

And their eager supporters and gullible puppets will still with absolute «sincerity» claim that this group of people is the lighthouse of freedom and democracy, leading into a golden age. Yeah, insanity is indeed the norm and not the exception today.

War on Freedom

Posted September 4, 2006 by tablets
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British authorities are stepping up their terror and harassment on what they clearly see as undesirable elements.

Real News is there, on the spot, to cover what other media can’t or won’t cover, and will always be.

They continue to raid Muslim communities. During the last few months representatives of the police and clandestine services have raided apartments and schools and arrested people left and right, on triumphed up charges.

An apartment was broken into. Muhammed Abdul Kahar was shot in the chest, and he and his brother was arrested. They were later set free, without any charges brought against them. A London Metropolitan official finally issued what was clearly a half-hearted apology.

A number of people were arrested, were taken, in yet another propaganda stunt. The authorities claimed they had planned to blow up planes headed for the United States. Not a single credible proof has been offered for these allegations. On the other hand we have the establishment’s long history of lies and subterfuge.

This weekend another school and dozens of private residences have been «visited». And turned upside down, inside out.

They keep harassing radicals and alternative venues. Freedom of speech and expression has always been an illusion in the various modern societies. But no more than it is these days. Now the tyrants have something they call «Prohibition against glorifying terrorism». And under that banner they can basically stop anybody from expressing themselves. Twenty years ago there was a forest or at least underbrush of radical bookshops and small libraries in London. Now, the few left are reduced to insignificance and to live in fear. The previous owners are either in prison or have fled the country. Or they have learned to keep their mouth shut.

Preparing the final stage. Prime Minister Tony Blair, called Teflon Tony for his ability to dodge criticism, has now declared New Labour’s intention to deal with «problem children», before they become a «menace to society», stating that they can be identified before they are even born. It isn’t only former Labour MP Tony Benn that thinks that this smacks of Eugenics, an elitist program developed by British and United States’ scientists and leading citizens, and later adopted by Adolph Hitler and the German Nazi Party, and that was actually more or less in operation in various so-called western democracies until the nineteen seventies. This is scary in itself, but even scarier is it that no one or very few, way too few seem to voice protests to it. The old proverb is true: «Evil prospers when good men do nothing».

Tyranny has come full circle, and everything is seemingly up for grabs… for the tyrants.

And btw, the Eugenics article on Wikipedia is WAY too positive about the subject. Yet another symptom of the direction modern society is headed.

Fourteen invaders die in crash

Posted September 3, 2006 by tablets
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Fourteen soldiers from the new British Empire died in an accident in Afghanistan a today.

British and United States’ troops invaded Afghanistan a few years ago in yet another strike of naked aggression against a basically defenseless country, the first in a series of recent attempts to renew western colonial power in Asia.

British officials are full of the usual empty words after a serviceman’s death. To quote people on the streets of Kabul: «They’re full of it».

– This isn’t a sad day, Kadeem, a Kabul teenager solemnly states. – One should feel sorry for any death, really, but it’s very hard to feel anything but indifference or even happiness in this case. The British and the Americans have both brought so much misery to so many people, all over the world recently. Isn’t this poetic justice? Isn’t every man responsible for the decisions they make? Do these men, these eager soldiers of tyranny, deserve their fate? I believe they do.

The current masters of the world, the overlords are very clever. They pick the most detested of opponents, like the Taliban and Saddam Hussein, to better deceive the world. There is no love for the Taliban here in the dusty streets of Kabul, but there is certainly no love for the invaders, the so-called liberators either. Hope has fled this place, and perhaps that was the masters’ goal all along. Perhaps that is their goal, for the world at large.