What truly happened 9/11 2001 – a modest exposure

Five years of continued deceit, escalating tyranny, and an ever more gullible general population. And the commentators, the oracles of this world of illusion and veiled horrors, are as clueless as the general population, hardly asking any hard questions concerning the Swiss cheese official version. Both brands of people described are almost as guilty as the perpetrators, allowing the true criminals to get away with it, and even prosper in this insane brave new old world.

The morning of 9/11 2001 the World Trade Center in New York and one wall of the Pentagon military complex in Washington DC was rocked by massive explosions. The twin towers were reduced to dust by sets of explosions very similar to a controlled demolition. A rocket blew up one wall of the Pentagon. Both disastrous events were set in motion by the United States’ president George W. Bush, his administration and the forces in the shadows behind them.

A cadre of politicians, military men and representatives of private enterprise had planned it all years in advance. They felt strongly that in order for them and their equals to stay in power, to retain their influence, to remain the power behind the power, in the United States and the world, they needed to stage a Pearl Harbor like event, one designed to make it easier to implement unpopular and even more oppressive legislation.

And they were successful, successful beyond expectation. Five years on none of the conspirators have been charged with anything in a court or law, or even been brought in for questioning by any investigative power. On the contrary, they have strengthened their stronghold on power, exactly like they set out to do.

Where their insane dreams will eventually lead is anyone’s guess, but it won’t be pretty.

And their eager supporters and gullible puppets will still with absolute «sincerity» claim that this group of people is the lighthouse of freedom and democracy, leading into a golden age. Yeah, insanity is indeed the norm and not the exception today.

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One Comment on “What truly happened 9/11 2001 – a modest exposure”

  1. Lucid Glow Says:

    I think this brief account is accurate, as far as it goes. We’ll probably never know exactly what happened, since no one probably knows the whole story, but this is fairly close.

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